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Custom Weddings

It's that time of year..."wedding season". That concept seems a little weird to me. Like brides only start planning for their weddings in the spring? Like the "holiday season" is when we start shopping for Christmas and eating too much? I planned my wedding for 14 months so I went through a couple of seasons! Regardless, here we are. Helping brides with their wedding invitations. I like working with brides. I already know how important the finished product is to the client and go into these projects with memories of creating my own custom wedding inviations (10 years ago, jeez I'm getting old!). 

These lovely invitations are for a super sweet bride getting married very soon! This project was really fun because it was a collaboration with the amazing illustrator Anja Mulder who I worked on projects for Kinfolk Magazine. Anja is in the Netherlands, the bride is in New York, the wedding is in Tennessee and I'm in Oregon. 

I love how there is a clear theme for the set. Anja did an amazing job of created custom illustrated pieces to fit each piece of stationery. 

Jane and I love creating one of the kind pieces for brides. She talks about why she likes to do it here. If you think you would like us to create something for your day we would love to hear from you. This is also where we help you think outside the box for your wedding needs. We get a lot of requests for custom coasters for bridal showers and wedding receptions, name cards and menues. Need inspiration? We got it. 

Happy Wedding Season!!


PS - Product shots are sill giving me anxiety...


Wedding Line (First!)


I've been working on creating some wedding invitiation sets over the last month in preparation for a local bridal show. When I say "I" I also mean the awesome Karina Salgado who helps with some of my custom design projects. 

I am so pleased with the way these sets came out. The designs are original and amazing and pushed my printing talents. I love a challenge. And I love it when projects come out just as I hoped they would. 

These coasters are a fun addition to the yellow and grey themed wedding set. 

This set with a garden theme has a lot of fun extra pieces to show how there really is not limit to where you can go with your wedding set. 

I added a few extra touches to the sets. I wanted to show how the little elements can really make your wedding stationary extra special. The caligraphy is done by Trial by Cupcakes, and it is more amazing in person that a photo can ever show. I also picked up some vintage botanical stamps from Treasure Fox to show how you can really create a special package. 

This fun plaid design can be altered to print with any set of colors that I couple would need to go with their wedding theme. The pink, orange and yellow combo is fun and bright.

All of the sets are now available for order. Email me for a custom quote. And of course I love printing custom sets if you have your own design. 

Watch for my Etsy and Felt & Wire shops to be open soon with these and other fun pieces available for purchase.

Movin', shakin'...movin' and shakin'.



A Custom Wedding

I have great friends. They're really good at referrals. My friend McKenzie referred her friends Lisa and Rod to me to print their wedding inviations. They wanted to use a painting they had made with them sitting on a bench with their dog, watching a sunset. They wanted sunset colors and for us to replicate their silhouette painting. I think the finished product turned out really great. (In no small part to the amazing work of designer Karina Salgado.)

When you are letterpress printing, each color is printed by itself, one-at-a-time. It is a very labor intensive process and you have to align the images to achieve tight registration. In this design, it is not one color on top of another, it is one color next to the other. I thought it would be interesting to show the progression of the prints in order of how I produce them. The end product is so much cooler when you realize how much time goes into achieving the finished piece. The photo above shows the first print in pink of the sun with the dog cut out.

I printed the pink area of the rsvp card next.

Then the purple print on the rsvp card.

Then the purple image on the inviation. Notice how the purple dog fits nicely into the cutout of the sun. 

Next was the purple address on the front of the rsvp postcard (not shown).

And finally the yellow on the inviation and the rsvp card. Phew. 

This was my first custom wedding inviation set. I was a bit nervous. A wedding is a big deal to the couple ordering the printing. I did not want to disappoint. I was thrilled when they gasped when they saw the prints. 

That's why I do this. That's my type of weekend.





Wedding Inspiration: Part 1

Apparently it's wedding season. I know this because I was asked to participate in a local bridal show. Why would I agree to do this? I do primarily custom letterpress printing, I don't have any stocked items. I really don't have any stocked bridal items. 

I am always up for a challenge though. This challenge requiring the conseptualization, design, printing and finishing work of 4 sets of bridal suites for an event Feburary 25th. That is about 5 weeks away. No one said I needed to produce 4 sets, but that just feels right. Thankfully I have hard working, dedicated people in my life that are helping me in this challenge. 

For inspiration on the wedding sets and the display for the bridal event I have been hitting the online wedding scene pretty hard. Here are a few things I have found which are fun, some of which may get incorporated into my project. 

I love these Oregon Save the Date cards from Styled by Kristen who is close to my home in Portland. I am an Oregon girl at heart, and this simple piece pretty much yelled at me to post it.

Have I mentioned that I swoon at amazing handwriting? This awesome caligraphy is by Trial by Cupcakes

I've ordered one of these wood flags to say Type A Press for my display. Fun, right? Customize yours for your wedding with Baumbirdy

I am in love with this banner that means "cards" in French. It will be perfect for my table display. Funkyshique makes fun burlap banners that would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. 

The next month will be a whirlwind as we pull these wedding suites together. There will more to stay tuned!

Here's to already having dealt with my own wedding and to dealing with everyone else's!


PS - Here is an extra little present for you, my good friend appreciated the text so I thought some of you may enjoy this too. Ahhh...Jordan Catalano.