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A Quick Shop Tour

I love my shop. I love that I feel at home here. It's my happy place. It's where I can be Chelsey, not mom, not wife, not daughter, just me...doing my thing. 

That's me (Hi!) at my 1923 Chandler and Price platen press. She's my baby. We've had her in our family since the 1940's when my grandfather bought another newspaper. I have pictures that have this press in it from the time, which I love. She's the first press we refurbished and the one that I started this business with. 

I was so excited in the beginning to order my first supplies. I love all the little pieces it takes to do letterpress printing. We have had hoards of wood type in our collection for decades and it was so rewarding to practice printing with them. 

I have a couple of sets of wood furniture and a collection of ink that stand in front of one of my favorite features in the navy blue brick wall. 

Well, that's a quick tour of little parts of the shop. I'll share more soon, only for the fact that I LOVE to see other peopel's shop spaces, and hope that other people will like these. 

Now..back to work!



New Treasures

I mentioned a few posts ago that the shop was going through some changes. I thought it was time to let you in on the fun! I love the histroy of what we do. Through the last few years I have grown to love everything that comes along with it. Especially the beauty in the machinery and tools. When I learned of a chance to purchase some letterpress equipment and supplies from a local company I jumped at the chance to expand my collection and offerings. From day one I knew I wanted my next press to be a Heidelberg Windmill press, so I am so excited to have one in my collection. 

Along with the press we also gained a new collection of dies. Dies are used for cutting shapes into paper which can be used to make any number of things (packaging, shaped business cards, coasters, etc). Not only did we purchase the dies but we also took on another type of business (more on that soon). 

When we made the purchase, there was a lot of other fun stuff that came along with it. I don't mind growing my collection of letterpress and other printing pieces, even if I don't know what it is I still enjoy it's company. 

One of my favorite additions is this shrinkwrapper we use for packaging. Mmmm, the smell of hot plastic warms my heart. 

I can't wait to go through all of the new type. Who knows what treasures are in these old type drawers. 

So while we get ourselves organized we continue to stay busy. A big part of this new addition was working with customers who make award ribbons. With the press we are die cutting circles and rectangles that are used in the creation of ribbons. Remember the last time you got or saw a ribbon, on the back is a piece of paper where your name and event were written. Well, we are now making those. Random, maybe, but it's a solid business that we are excited to be a part of. 

Interesting, right?

We think so.





I love supplies. I literally obsess about them. I have all of these images of the perfect package and all of the fun elements that I can pull together to make something fun and unique.

I knew early in the start of Type A that I wanted to use twine in my packaging. I have a few colors, but consistently go back to the orange and white striped. Divine Twine has a lot of unique colors to choose from. 

If you don't have any washi tape, get some. It is the most fun supply I have. I love how it adds a bit of personality to envelopes and sealing up a package for a client. There are a lot of choices at Pretty Tape

Muslin draw strings bags add the texture element that I really like. The paper I print on has an amazing texture, and when I hand a client's project to them in a muslin bag it has a feel of "real-ness" to it. 

The newest supply in my stash is origami paper. I have developed a new habit for making little origami boats (more to come on this). I've been playing around with different patterned paper, and I think these ones are particularly awesome. 

Meet you in the aisles.