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Home from Josh Brine on Vimeo.

I was sent this video recently and it really struck me. I don't normally share things like this, but this piece seemed to make sense. I've been doing a lot of reflection lately on what I do, and where I find my inspiration. It's not an easy task with so many blogs and Pinterest drawing my attention. I think my angst ridden teenage self had an easier go at it. This video by Josh Brine is so simple, and you really get a sense of what's important to him. I can use more inspiration right now, and was grateful to see the home I love protrayed this way. 

I hope you like it, I bet Josh does too.

Have a great week,



Oregon Made

Meet Farmee. One of my first customers.  

Partners Ashley Lippard and Jennifer Sitter have created a line of products centered around the "Oregon Made" theme.  Ashley designs the pieces to reflect Northwest style and highlight all of great elements that make up Oregon. 

Their cards and other products can be found locally in stores (like Red Hills Market and Third Street Books) around the Yamhill Valley, as well as online at Found Bath.  

I am always excited to see what they come up with next. Check them out!