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Portland Letterpress Printers Fair 2012

Last week was Portland Design Week, which this year included the Portland Letterpress Printer's Fair. I have gone to the fair the last couple of years and was excited to go again. Portland is such a great city for creative people and there are letterpress printers hidden in all of the city's nooks and crannies. I took my first letterpress workshop in Portland and was able to get my shop setup with the help of friendly printers in the area. 

This year was even more fun because I didn't go by myself! Leslie and Mike came with me to get inspired and see what other folks are up to.  Mission accomplished!

A cool feature of this year's fair was the Print, Make, Share Challenge. Folks created teams, carved a block with their design and then printed their posters on sight. Some of the entries are above, the roller used to make the prints is below. Pretty awesome, right??

It is so inspiring to see what other printers are up to. I love seeing the designs and the creativity people are currently printing. We got so many ideas for our own products and hopefully will participate in next year's fair as a vendor. Here are some of the goodies that I picked up at the fair...

Some of the vendors I was inspired by: Power & Light Press, Keegan Meegan, C.C. Stern Type Foundry, d.Sharp, Caitlin Harris, and Ink in Tubes

Seriously fun stuff. I love printing. 



New Treasures

I mentioned a few posts ago that the shop was going through some changes. I thought it was time to let you in on the fun! I love the histroy of what we do. Through the last few years I have grown to love everything that comes along with it. Especially the beauty in the machinery and tools. When I learned of a chance to purchase some letterpress equipment and supplies from a local company I jumped at the chance to expand my collection and offerings. From day one I knew I wanted my next press to be a Heidelberg Windmill press, so I am so excited to have one in my collection. 

Along with the press we also gained a new collection of dies. Dies are used for cutting shapes into paper which can be used to make any number of things (packaging, shaped business cards, coasters, etc). Not only did we purchase the dies but we also took on another type of business (more on that soon). 

When we made the purchase, there was a lot of other fun stuff that came along with it. I don't mind growing my collection of letterpress and other printing pieces, even if I don't know what it is I still enjoy it's company. 

One of my favorite additions is this shrinkwrapper we use for packaging. Mmmm, the smell of hot plastic warms my heart. 

I can't wait to go through all of the new type. Who knows what treasures are in these old type drawers. 

So while we get ourselves organized we continue to stay busy. A big part of this new addition was working with customers who make award ribbons. With the press we are die cutting circles and rectangles that are used in the creation of ribbons. Remember the last time you got or saw a ribbon, on the back is a piece of paper where your name and event were written. Well, we are now making those. Random, maybe, but it's a solid business that we are excited to be a part of. 

Interesting, right?

We think so.




Manly Letterpress

I love working with business that think outside of the box. Local company Adams General Construction is a great example of someone in a traditional industry but knowing how to target his audience and stand out from the crowd. 

Cory and Elizabeth Adams came to me wanting some business stationery that would help them gain the attention of their current and prospective clients. They both are very creative people themselves, and letterpress printing is right in their comfort zone. And their simple, clean style works really well to create standout pieces.

Cory wanted two sided coasters that he could have in the local bars. I thought that was such a great marketing move on his part. And Elizabeth wanted simple classy notecards that could be used to send thank you notes to clients. We made sure they had addressed envelopes for the notecards as well as for their invoices and bids. 

 Cory also gave me one of his company hats so that I can wear it around town when it starts to rain..

Cross promotion at its best. 

All the best to Adams General Construction!



Open House

I had an Open House a couple of weeks ago. It was such a success and so much fun we are already planning our next party! I'm not going to say too much about the evening, but I have a lot of shout outs to make. 

First, this event wouldn't have been so amazing without the help of two dear freinds, Mike B. and Mike F. (with me above, I'm the one in the middle in the "not Mike" button). Mike B. and his wonderful wife (and my friend) Rene' planned the menu and prepared the food. The food was so beatiful and yummy, I am so thankful for their support and help. Mike B. also helped on the crafty decoration side with the paper garlands and a million other little things. Mike F. is my right hand man. He works with me in the shop helping with the sales and die cutting end of my business and he is one of my biggest cheerleaders (a girl needs cheerleaders). 

It was so rewarding to invite people into my world. I have been doing this business for two years but have always had another full time job. The week of my open house was also the same week as my last day at our family printing company where I had worked for the last 9 years. So that was a pretty big week for me, and the party was a great time to celebrate my new life as a small business owner and being self employed (pretty much living the dream!). 

I also got to meet some new people that I know will be great friends. Some for McMinnville, and others from far away. Kyle Durrie with Power + Light Press from Portland came down to McMinnville with her Moveable Type Truck. It was so fun to meet her and talk shop with another letterpress printer. I can't wait to spend more time with her and get more involved in the Portland letterpress scene. 

Katie and Nate with Kinfolk Magazine also made it down. It's always nice to see them and hear what they are up to. Kelly Searle took the beautiful photos...she's a pro. I love that girl and her photos on film make me so happy. Kelly was the one who introduced me to Katie and Nate and also my designer Jane. 

Jane and I met for the first time in person that night. We had only ever communicated online or on the phone. It was like a dream meeting her for the first time. I had pictured what that moment would be like and what she would be like. She is everything a good friend is. I didn't want to leave her side in fear we wouldn't see eachother again for a long time. But alas, two girls with big goals won't be held back, and we will see each other again soon. 

And that's where I am. Full time, in my shop. Happy. I'm so grateful for all of the support of my friends and community and I can't wait to show you what a girl with ink on her fingers and stars in her eyes can accomplish. 

Stay tuned.




I love trying new things (at least in the print shop). This project for Melissa Lynn of Stone + Smith was so much fun. It was my first chance to get the edges of business cards painted, and the result was awesome!

Melissa and I met at Blog Shop a few months ago. She is a jewelry designer now based in Austin, TX. I was really happy she reached out to me to help her with her business cards. I printed the front and the back in a dark grey on the letterpress. I then sent them out to have their edges painted. After doing this once, I think I may start practicing so I can do this fun technique myself. I love how the gold on the edges really look metallic. And I think it goes perfect with her jewelry design business.

I hope these cards help Melissa with her business and she has fun handing them out to people. They really make an impact!

Fun stuff,