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Kinfolk Workshop Series - Pantry Guide

This year Kinfolk Magazine is hosting a series of workshops. They describe them as "The Kinfolk community gatherings are an invitation to engagement: engaging with new skills, new relationships, and a refreshed understanding of the physical world around us. We'll focus on cooking, gardening, the culture of the table, and other hands-on practices we find life-enriching." Doesn't that sound great?

Last year I helped them with menus for their dinner series. This year they reached out to me to help with the workshops. The first event was a baking workshop and the pantry guide I printed is such a great addition to any kitchen.

Folks gathered in different cities around the world on the same day to share baking tips and enjoy each others company. I received a very sweet email from the team in Madrid, Spain thanking me for sending the pieces. I can't take the credit, it was the Kinfolk team's idea, but it was so nice to see my work enjoyed by others. Here are a few of the photos taking in the different cities.

From the Portland, Oregon workshop.

Photos from the Madrid, Spain event sent to me by Ana & Elena Martínez.

Photo from the Fukuoka, Japan baking workshop.

April's workshop is on flower arranging. I'm excited for the September workshop teaching canning and preserving, I will have to get a ticket for that one!

I love fresh ideas, and these workshops hold a ton of inspiration for me. I'm thankful to be a part of these events in this little way. 



Kinfolk Dinner Menu: San Fransisco

Last weekend Kinfolk Magazine had their April dinner event in San Fransisco. I have worked with Nathan on the menus for the last four events and I have loved being apart of this series. 

April's meal was different in that it was a brunch rather than a dinner. They gathered at Heirloom Cafe for what looks like another great event.  

The menus have been designed by an amazing illustrator Anja Mulder. I love being able to turn her design into a tangible, tactile creation. I can't wait to see what she sends next!

I am so happy Kinfolk Magazine has been having success with this dinner series. For more pictures from the San Fransisco, and other past dinners, see here



Kinfolk Dinner Series: Menu #1

I am so excited to be helping Kinfolk Magazine with their dinner series. The first dinner was in Portland, and there are events planned around the country over the next year. 

Nathan Williams (above) with Kinfolk has been great to work with and very supportive. It's nice to have such positive expierences with clients. 

A month or so ago Nathan asked me if I would be interested in printing menus for the dinner series as a sponsor of the event. I jumped on the chance to partner with such a creative and inspiring group. 

One menu is done and the menu for the next dinner in Brooklyn, NY is on the way. As much fun as I have printing the menus, I also enjoy seeing them in action at the dinner. I can't wait to see what the Kinfolk crew come up with next. 

See more photos of the event by Laura D'Art and a video of the evening by Paul Searle, here.

So much fun!



Busy weekend

I had such a great weekend! I had some time to rearrange part of my shop and hang some incredible mariner flags I picked up during a recent trip to Seattle.  I am lucky that I so many cool pieces of furniture to pull from our newspaper, this desk and chair are some of those items. 

I also got back photos that Kelly Searle of Maxine Denver took of my family last weekend.  This is a photo of me and my daughter Nora.  Kelly does such a great job shooting film.  She really knows how to use light without needing to touch the photos up...and they look amazing!

Sunday was full of get togethers. Nate and friends from Kinfolk Magazine stopped by the shop to get a sneak peek at their new calling cards.  I love how the thickness of the paper really compliments the simplicity of the design. 

Oh, and I got my Twitter account functioning again...follow me @typeapress.  

Have a great week!