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Beach Birthday

It was my birthday last weekend. I turned 29 for the fourth time. We invited friends to spend the weekend with us at our beach house in Pacific City, Oregon. PC (as the locals and dedicated visitors call it) is one of my favorite places. I grew up playing on these beaches, I got engaged on this beach, and I have too many happy memories to count in this town. This weekend was no exception. 

Fat Freddy's, a PC must for yummy, greasy, comfort food. 


We loaded up the 13 of us and went to the beach. If you are familiar at all with the Oregon Coast you know that it can be amazing weather one day and stormy the next. If you love the Oregon Coast you take it any way you can get it. This trip to the beach was one of the most memorable any of us have had.

That's me and my sweet friend McKenzie, our good friend Jaysen and my daughter Nora, and my husband Brent and Jaysen. 

It started raining. That is generally no big deal, we're Oregonians for gosh sakes! But, then the wind started to blow. And then the hail came. 

We raced (as fast as the wind would let us) up the beach to the car. We veered off and up the dune to take shelter next to the hotel. 

Our poor little kids were so scared and wet and cold. My little Oliver kept crying "it hurts! it hurts!". My husband shoved him up under his sweatshirt to try to shield him from the hail and wind. Afterwards Oliver asked me if sticks had been hitting them. Awww. 

We made it back to the cars soaked to the bone. There was not a dry inch on us. We piled into our cars and headed for the house. 

We got all of the little ones into the bath to warm up and get the sand off. My camera was not happy at me after that adventure in the rain, but it made for some neat photos of these sweet ones.

And for us, we changed into our comfy clothes and laughed about what a crazy adventure we had just had together. Our friends McKenzie and Kenny.

We celebrated my birthday with dinner and cake. We we all went to bed early, tired from our crazy afternoon at the beach. And we promised to come back for another beach adventure soon. 

Here's to great friends and great memories. And more birthdays!






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