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The Yvonne Collection

I wanted to share with you a recent project I did with Sarah Cooper from Tennessee. Sarah is so great to work with and I had a lot of fun creating a branding package for her new company The Yvonne Collection

Sarah lives in Chattenooga with her family (see her adorable kids here). We were introduced by a mutual friend, Ruthie (also from TN) who thought we should connect. Sarah hand dyes silk from natural products, like avacado skins, and makes beautiful ballet skirts for little girls. She also makes the prettiest flower crowns that any girl would adore. 

Sarah needed a logo for her website, packaging and other marketing materials, as well as a business card. Once we got the logo done we worked on ideas for her cards. I had a bunch of different ideas that I felt would represent her craft. She decided on a combination of a few designs that resulted in this oval card. I printed on a black and white duplex paper, with her name in black ink on the white side and her logo in gold ink on the black side. Then I die-cut it into this oval shape. I think it is a great look for her business and it can also double as a nice tag for her products. 

I can't wait to see where this business takes Sarah and the new products she designs. And I feel like I gained a new friend which is always the best!

Congratulations Sarah!




There's something interesting happening. I don't know how to quite explain how the internet and social media has had an inpact on my business. Not just having a website, or posting family photos on Facebook, but the interaction that can be created with an ongoing dialogue online. In the last year I have met a number of people "from the internet". And some of those introductions have turned into amazing frienships and business relationships. Even as I type this it sounds like I spend my time behind an avatar in one of those real life game things. What are those even called? Or that I spend my nights prowling online dating sites trying to make friends. It couldn't be farther from that. But I still can't explain it. 

A few months ago, I reached out to the fellow behind blog. I didn't know him, or if it was even a him or a group of people. I just wanted to say, hey, I like your style and if there is ever anything to collaborate If And that simple effort turned into meeting a great young man with a strong vision and business sense. Something I can relate to (the latter two). A few conversations later and we exchanged some projects. The first, are these business cards I printed for his shop. Letterpress fits beautifully with his aestethic, which always makes my job more fulfilling. The second project will be launched'll love it. 

Have a great week,


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Custom Christmas

Now that the holiday rush is behind me, I thought you might like to see some of the Christmas cards I printed for some folks. It is so much fun working with people on Christmas cards! Everyone is in such a good mood and can't wait to send out the finished cards to family and friends. I love the trend of sending out a flat notecard and including a photo with it. 

This card was for my sweet friends who just had a baby. I love the design by Jane Reaction for this custom card.

This is Jane's card for herself. I LOVE the simplicity of the design and the impact of the blind emboss printing on extra thick paper. I wish I could print every project like this! She sent out her cards with a beautiful family photo and tissue confetti in the much fun to get in the mail!

I hope you all had a very merry holiday and that as we look forward to the new year we count our many blessings.

Happy New Year,



Flower Market and Update

A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the Portland Flower Market. I love flowers and I love seeing the behind the scenes of things, so I jumped on the chance to go with my friend Leslie on her rounds for a local florist. It was such a fun morning waking up early to get to the market in hopes of getting the best pick of the flowers. The smell was amazing, I don't know how you couldn't be happy walking into that place. 

Back in the shop...we're growing! (Like the flower pun?) Leslie has joined our team helping get me and the shop organized so that when we conquer the world I know where my receipts are. She is a natural and has grown smitten with letterpress and brings new energy and ideas with her. We are having such a good time and working our asses know good things are coming!

I am getting ready to take a photo styling class in Portland in a week, so I am going to hold off posting any more product shots until I can show off my new skills. I am excited to learn from the Portland Etsy Team and Chelsea Fuss from frolic! on how to really make photos of your products be the best they can be. 

You can see we have a lot of fun things going on. This weekend is the Portland Letterpress Printers Fair which is part of Design Week. I am excited to take Mike and Leslie and show them a little more of the world I love. 

Also, if you haven't already checked out my Twitter or Facebook you should. It's a good way of getting behind the scenes of what's going on around here (you can also follow my Instagram feed). 

Have a great rest of your week...





Open House

I had an Open House a couple of weeks ago. It was such a success and so much fun we are already planning our next party! I'm not going to say too much about the evening, but I have a lot of shout outs to make. 

First, this event wouldn't have been so amazing without the help of two dear freinds, Mike B. and Mike F. (with me above, I'm the one in the middle in the "not Mike" button). Mike B. and his wonderful wife (and my friend) Rene' planned the menu and prepared the food. The food was so beatiful and yummy, I am so thankful for their support and help. Mike B. also helped on the crafty decoration side with the paper garlands and a million other little things. Mike F. is my right hand man. He works with me in the shop helping with the sales and die cutting end of my business and he is one of my biggest cheerleaders (a girl needs cheerleaders). 

It was so rewarding to invite people into my world. I have been doing this business for two years but have always had another full time job. The week of my open house was also the same week as my last day at our family printing company where I had worked for the last 9 years. So that was a pretty big week for me, and the party was a great time to celebrate my new life as a small business owner and being self employed (pretty much living the dream!). 

I also got to meet some new people that I know will be great friends. Some for McMinnville, and others from far away. Kyle Durrie with Power + Light Press from Portland came down to McMinnville with her Moveable Type Truck. It was so fun to meet her and talk shop with another letterpress printer. I can't wait to spend more time with her and get more involved in the Portland letterpress scene. 

Katie and Nate with Kinfolk Magazine also made it down. It's always nice to see them and hear what they are up to. Kelly Searle took the beautiful photos...she's a pro. I love that girl and her photos on film make me so happy. Kelly was the one who introduced me to Katie and Nate and also my designer Jane. 

Jane and I met for the first time in person that night. We had only ever communicated online or on the phone. It was like a dream meeting her for the first time. I had pictured what that moment would be like and what she would be like. She is everything a good friend is. I didn't want to leave her side in fear we wouldn't see eachother again for a long time. But alas, two girls with big goals won't be held back, and we will see each other again soon. 

And that's where I am. Full time, in my shop. Happy. I'm so grateful for all of the support of my friends and community and I can't wait to show you what a girl with ink on her fingers and stars in her eyes can accomplish. 

Stay tuned.