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Summer Thoughts

I can't believe summer is almost over. I have mixed feelings about this. Normally, I am counting the weeks until Fall, starting in the Spring. Summer isn't my favorite. I don't like heat and the sun and I have a love/hate relationship. But the freedom of a flexible schedule is soon to be replaced with making lunches and two kids in elementary school. 

This summer has been a little different. I have shifted my priorities from working as much as possible to enjoying time in the garden, time with the kids, and canning. The first couple of years after I started Type A Press, I would skip weekend camping trips to stay back at the shop to keep working. Last year I decided that I didn't want to miss any more memories with my kids and have made an effort to get out of the shop more. My kids love being outside and getting dirty, that comes from my husband's side. They are so lucky to have grandparents on both sides who keep them engaged and busy. They split their busy summer between my family beach house and my husband's family farm. I have loved spending more time "playing" this summer with them. As we get ready for school to start next week and getting ready for one more camping adventure (a trip I have skipped in the past), I find myself wishing for a few more weeks of summer. I want more time walking on the beach. I want more time searching for sand dollars. I want more campfires and more berries for jam. 

This year has been tough and trying at times. Owning a small business is the best and most fulfilling form of working I can do, but can be hard and unpredictable. I have to keep believing that I can do it. That if I work hard enough and believe in my product I can reach my goals. My personal mantra is "keep going". If I keep going, hopefully I can balance the stress of small business and the importance of enjoying every minute of my kids childhood. I am trying to remember to keep breathing, stay positive, let go, and appreciate what I have. And just keep going. 

How do you balance your work/life balance? How do you set your priorities? How do you deal with stress? So many ways, and I'm still learning this balance everyday. 

I've worked on some great projects this summer, I promise to share them soon. In the meantime, let's get creative and do something new.  

Happy Summer,



Road Trip: Days 3 + 4

I have been seriuosly procrastinating with the last half of this road trip series. So I decided to combine the third (long!) day of the trip with the last day. I'll try to get through it all without too long of a post, stick with me.

So I left off with us arriving in Monterey. We got to our hotel around 10:00 pm and settled into our amazing room. The hotel was right on the water and in the middle of Cannery Row. It was so nice to spend the next day relaxing in the room and exploring the history of the area. The above photos are from Cannery Row. I loved being able to walk into the buildlings and think about the history. I haven't read Steinbeck's novel, but I plan to now that I have been there. 

I did pretty well booking our hotel given that I only did it a couple of days before we left. The Spindrift Inn was the perfect place for us to stay two nights. The room was super cute. It had a huge canopy bed, a wood burning fireplace, Aveda bath products, a sauna, complimentary in room breakfast, complimentary wine and cheese hour in the lobby, and the charm we were lookig for. Our room overlooked Cannery Row, and from my little couch I got to people watch and relax. And they had a rooftop garden which was the perfect place to end a long day.

We spent the afternoon of day 3 at Fisherman's Warf, another historic site in Monterey. B loves fishing and boats and I (obviously) love everything nautical, so it was fun to watch the boats and the otters and even a whale from the docks. 

Across from the warf is a museum that we visited to get a break from the sun and learn a little more about the history. We decided to walk back to our hotel (we took a trolly from Cannery Row to Fisherman's!). We spent our last night having an amazing dinner and walking around together. The next morning we planned to get up early to start the drive home. It was a great (although short) stay in Monterey and I would love to go back. I love visiting places that really try to preserve their history, and John Steinbeck's novel helped do that here. Here's to him. 

(BTW, this was in the Starbucks that was conveniently located in one of the canneries). 

Our fourth day was unplanned. I am torn on whether that was a good idea or not. I thought that we would head back north on 101 until we got to I-5 and we would find someone quiant to stay on our last night. That's not what happened. Once we started driving, the places that we thought would be fun to stay just looked like random places on the highway. And we kept getting closer and closer to Oregon. So about mid afternoon we decided to just head for home. 

Once we had decided to drive home to see the kids we couldn't get there fast enough. This drive made me once again appreciate the beautiful area where we live. 

But nothing is quite as beautiful as coming home to the waiting arms of your children. 

I can't wait to take them to the places we discovered. I can't wait to create more memories. 

And I can't wait to spend the next ten years with B. 

Still cruisin'



Road Trip: Day 2

Day 2 of our roadtrip was by far the most fun. We spent over 14 hours traveling from Bandon, Oregon to Monterey California. We took a really long route to get there, but it was so worth it!

The above images are from the Califonia Redwoods. B and I had both always wanted to see these giants and were so glad we took the time to really be tourists on the Avenue of the Giants. 

Before we arrived at the Redwoods, our first stop was in Eureka on Highway 101 for lunch (first long stop, I can't tell you how many rest stops and gas stations we stopped at!). Eureka was an interesting town with a deep timber history, so B was intrigued. We stopped for lunch at a really neat place called the Samoa Cookhouse. It is a historic restaurant on the water that serves only one item choice for each meal. The tables are long and covered with red checked tabled clothes, and the food is served family style. We enjoyed our homestyle lunch and enjoyed the logging memoriablia. 

After lunch and our trip through the Redwoods we had a decision to make. Early on this trip B determined that he was the pilot and I was the co-pilot. My responsibilities included the music and the maps. Keeping us headed in the right direction is a big responsbility for someone who is extremely bad with directions (that's me). I used a combination of my iPhone GPS and good old fashioned maps and guide books. This was the first of a couple of last minute decisions I made that set us on a slight detour. In my opinion, any detour is an opportunity for adventure! That is NOT B's opinion. 

I guided us into 22 miles of twisty turny roads through the mountains to get us onto the coast Highway 1. I thought that we would stick to one of our initial goals, which was to drive as much of the coast as possible. After that first windy hour we came out of the woods to sunny skies and the California sea. 

B and I love the Oregon coast. But we really enjoyed seeing the change in the coast line as we made this drive. We kept saying that the water is so blue! The Oregon coast is my heart, but it is grey. The color of the water was beautiful, and the scenery on the old Highway 1 was amazing. 

B manages our local cemetery, so historic cemeteries are interesting to us. We pulled over on the side of the highway, high on top of a cliff and took some photos of a small cemetery.

We continued down Highway 1 to Fort Bragg and past Mendicino (beautiful!). We decided that we weren't making great time and that we still had a long way to Monterey (and non-refundable reservations at our hotel). So we cut back over to Highway 101 through wine country. Another successful decision!

The weather was perfect, high 60's. We are used to wine country in Oregon, and the California wine country has equally amazing scenery. We started to make good time through this area, so there were no stops for photos! But we drove with the windows down and my feet on the dash and enjoyed our afternoon.

We made it into San Fransisco and the Golden Gate Bridge around dinner time. We were looking forward to driving over the bridge. I turned on our wedding first dance song Cruisin' (the Huey Lewis and Gweneth Paltrow version) and sang as we drove over the bridge and took photos. I was enjoying the moment so much that I forgot to look at the GPS to check which turn off to take...continue on 101 or get back on to the 1. And boy, do you have to make that decision fast once you are over the bridge!

(I took this photo out of the sunroof. B was telling me to "get Alcatraz!"...I blame him for my distraction from the map.)

So, B got to see a little more than San Fran than he thought he would. Meh, another adventure and memory in the books!

We kept south (once we got back on Highway 101). We got to Monterey around 9:30 and settled into our hotel by 10:00. We were drained from the drive and decided to explore Montery the next day instead of doing any more driving sightseeing. 

It was such a fun day! I can't wait to take our kids on the same drive someday. 

Playlist on Day 2:

Napa Valley - Lil' Wayne

Highway 101 - Beach Boys

Into San Fran - Coldplay

Over the Golden Gate Bridge - "Cruisin'", our wedding song 

Silicon Valley - Ray Lamontagne

Day 2 was such a long day, and this has been a very long post. Watch for our Day 3 adventures in Monterey at Cannery Row and Fisherman's Warf soon.






Road Trip: Day 1

To celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary this month, my husband (B) and I took a road trip from Oregon to California. We only had a few must-do's: drive as much of the coast highway as possible, see the redwoods and end up in Monterey, California. We had 5 days, no kids, a good car, a camera and a loose itenerary. Adventure time!

Our first night was spent in Bandon on the southern Oregon coast. Neither of us had been there so we thought it would be a nice place to stop. Our hotel was right on a bluff overlooking the ocean and had stairs (I heard a guy say as he carried his daughter up them that there were 180!) from the hotel to the beach. Bandon has an amazing beach. The rocks off the coast are really spectacular and it was a great beach for agate hunting. My pockets were full of sand and treasures to bring home. There were sea lions on the rocks and the tide was so low that we could explore the tide pools. There was a beautiful sunset and a great way to start our trip. 

We would both love to visit Bandon again. It has such a cute historic bay front and the mix of fresh seafood and locally grown cranberries made for yummy eats. We woke up early (you will see a trend here) and got on the road. We had reservations in Monterey and hundreds of miles to get there. 

On the playlist for day one:

Oregon Coast - The Avett Brothers

Southern Oregon - Johnny Cash

We fit a lot into one road trip, so I am breaking this adventure into pieces. 

Watch for Days 2 and 3 to come later this week. 






I am so excited for this week! This month my husband (i.e. high school sweetheart) and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. That feels like an accomplishment in itself, but being together since I was 16 feels like an even bigger deal (I'm 33 now, so we've now officially been together more than half of my life...weird!!). To mark the occasion we're going on a road trip!

Sadly, the two of us haven't been on a trip longer than an overnight since our honeymoon. So we are definetly due for an adventure together. And what better way to connect than to take a road trip...there's no escape!

I can't wait to drive the Oregon Coast highway to California. He likes to drive, and I'm looking forward to watching the scenery and diving into a good book. 

I'll touch in when we get back with a summary of our adventures. In the meantime you can find me on Facebook and Instagram (typeapress) to catch snapshots of the trip.