Busy Busy

The good news is that I have been busy busy this holiday season. The not so hot news is that I haven't taken a moment to tell you about it!

Each November I start putting the word out to get custom Christmas orders in early. And each of the last three Decembers I have been printing, no fail I find myself with a lot of rush orders. I have a problem telling people no. But why should I? People know I'm here, check. People want me to print their Christmas cards, check. Having the chance to work with more designers, and more clients, double check. 

On top of printing Christmas orders, I seem to have added a lot of other awesome projects to my plate. I can't wait to tell you more about them! If you are here, you will have seen that my site looks a little different. I'm so happy to have a simple website and blog that really represents my work. I've grown a lot in the last year with my style and part of that is because of my parternship with Jane with Jane Reaction. We have some really exciting things to show you very soon. 

The items in the photo are a sampling of some of the projects Jane and I have been collaborating on. 

Stay tuned! I promise to post more often so I don't have to fit so many things in one!






Product Styling

I've spent the last few days trying to implement what I learned at last month's Etsy Photostyling workshop. All I can say is, UGH. 

I am one of those people who knows what I like when I see it but has a really hard time making things that I am satisfied with. Taking photos of my products that other people will see (and hopefully make them want to buy it!) is completely intimidating to me. 

A few things I learned: always take your photos in natural light, use a white background if possible, how to "wrangle" the light, and to take lots of different shots. 

I think I can do that. At least I am trying. There is still: making sure I have the right camera (and knowing how to use it!), editing photos for the best composition for online images, setting "lifestyle" shoots, and approaching blogs about your products. 

I was inspired by the class to get my Etsy shop (here) filled with new products. Hopefully I learned enough to attract some customers. 

Oh, and isn't that confetti awesome? Get yours from the awesome PomLove (based out of Portland) here

So fun,



Hand Lettered Inspiration

I'm always looking for inspiration. I roam the blogs of designers I like, I pin on Pinterest, I shop on Etsy. There are so many ways to find amazing things online now. 

I found this video on one of my favorite illustrator's blogs this morning, Oh My Cavalier, and wanted to share it with you. Leandro Senna hand lettered the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues", just try not to be in awe. I love the music tie in. I'm currently working on a project that does the same thing...stay tuned. 

What inspires you?




Photo Styling 101

I took a class this past weekend on photo styling put on by Chelsea Fuss from Frolic! and the PDX Etsy Team. It was so much fun, but I still don't feel anymore confident in my styling skills. The workshop was full of great information and I really felt like I was learning from the best. This is my own insecurities at it's finest. Do you ever love what other people create but hate anything of your own? That's me. I get sick of things really fast and don't feel confident that what I create (or throw together) will look "right". And "right" to me means professional, that's why I went to the class. The biggest lesson of the day for me was that to do what I do well, and let others do what they do well. So, when I need photo styling I am going to ask for help. That's a good plan, right? 

The other highlight of the day was getting to spend it with Jane from Jane Reaction. We have some seriously awesome plans up our sleeves and I can't wait to share them with you...just not yet. 

(Notice that's Jane taking my product shots, not me!)

c'est la vie,



Portland Letterpress Printers Fair 2012

Last week was Portland Design Week, which this year included the Portland Letterpress Printer's Fair. I have gone to the fair the last couple of years and was excited to go again. Portland is such a great city for creative people and there are letterpress printers hidden in all of the city's nooks and crannies. I took my first letterpress workshop in Portland and was able to get my shop setup with the help of friendly printers in the area. 

This year was even more fun because I didn't go by myself! Leslie and Mike came with me to get inspired and see what other folks are up to.  Mission accomplished!

A cool feature of this year's fair was the Print, Make, Share Challenge. Folks created teams, carved a block with their design and then printed their posters on sight. Some of the entries are above, the roller used to make the prints is below. Pretty awesome, right??

It is so inspiring to see what other printers are up to. I love seeing the designs and the creativity people are currently printing. We got so many ideas for our own products and hopefully will participate in next year's fair as a vendor. Here are some of the goodies that I picked up at the fair...

Some of the vendors I was inspired by: Power & Light Press, Keegan Meegan, C.C. Stern Type Foundry, d.Sharp, Caitlin Harris, and Ink in Tubes

Seriously fun stuff. I love printing.