Sea Chant

At the first of the year I had a chance to work with Carissa Gallo on some promotional photos for our Fox + Anchor card line. I had never met her before but was instantly taken with her warmth and kind heart. Carissa and her husband Andrew have Sea Chant, a production company. It worked out that they were in need of some new business cards I was happy to help. 

The couple already had their design and I was so happy when I saw it. I love that their style plays so well with letterpress printing. These cards could have been hand typeset 100 years ago and look the same as they do today. Their card is another great example of letting the medium do the talking for you rather than filling your card with a lot of information. Get people's attention and take them where you want them to go. Tell them who you are without having to say a word (or use someone else's words). 

Such a great project. 

Have a great week,


PS - For cards with printing on both sides I recommend using a thick stock so the design doesn't show through to the other side. I used Crane's 220# Lettra stock for these cards. 



Custom Weddings

It's that time of year..."wedding season". That concept seems a little weird to me. Like brides only start planning for their weddings in the spring? Like the "holiday season" is when we start shopping for Christmas and eating too much? I planned my wedding for 14 months so I went through a couple of seasons! Regardless, here we are. Helping brides with their wedding invitations. I like working with brides. I already know how important the finished product is to the client and go into these projects with memories of creating my own custom wedding inviations (10 years ago, jeez I'm getting old!). 

These lovely invitations are for a super sweet bride getting married very soon! This project was really fun because it was a collaboration with the amazing illustrator Anja Mulder who I worked on projects for Kinfolk Magazine. Anja is in the Netherlands, the bride is in New York, the wedding is in Tennessee and I'm in Oregon. 

I love how there is a clear theme for the set. Anja did an amazing job of created custom illustrated pieces to fit each piece of stationery. 

Jane and I love creating one of the kind pieces for brides. She talks about why she likes to do it here. If you think you would like us to create something for your day we would love to hear from you. This is also where we help you think outside the box for your wedding needs. We get a lot of requests for custom coasters for bridal showers and wedding receptions, name cards and menues. Need inspiration? We got it. 

Happy Wedding Season!!


PS - Product shots are sill giving me anxiety...


Fox + Anchor Valentine's Cards

I've been telling you about my new collaboration project, Fox and Anchor Paper. I have worked with Jane Reaction on a number of custom design projects, and now we have come out with our own card line. Jane does a great job of explaining how we got here, so I will let her tell you. We are busy building our portfolio and are excited to share our Valentine's (I like to call it the "love line") cards. 

Jane and I have a very similar sense of humor. We love laughing and being snarky, and laughing about being snarky. Then we return to our sweet selves and get on working our rear ends off. I love that her designs reflect our sense of humor and that they can make you giggle (like the one above, which my husband says he is going to give me). 

You can see that we had fun with this pinky blush color. We used it on the cards, and then decided to make some fun coasters and tags as well. I love the gold accents. We have a lot more cards up on our Etsy page, including this Fill In The Blank Thank You card that people seem to love.

We are so excited to bring our collaboration to you, we hope you like it. Let me know what you think! 






Photo Shoot

The title of this post seems a little fancy. I didn't know another way to describe an afternoon spent with two awesome ladies laughing and taking pictures. Jane and I have big plans. And when you are making big plans you want people to know about them. For us, a lot of those people are online. This meant that we wanted to take some current photos of ourselves and together so people can put a face to our new product. 

I'm excited/nervous to see the photos. Carissa is AMAZING and I loved getting to spend an afternoon chatting about motherhood and places we love. You can see her work here. I am nervous only for the fact that I am super uncomfortable in front of the camera and worry that will show. There are bound to be good ones of Jane and I laughing at silly things. 

As far as the big plans...more on that very soon. Things have been so busy with so many new and exciting things, I can't wait to share!

Happy New Year,



Custom Christmas

Now that the holiday rush is behind me, I thought you might like to see some of the Christmas cards I printed for some folks. It is so much fun working with people on Christmas cards! Everyone is in such a good mood and can't wait to send out the finished cards to family and friends. I love the trend of sending out a flat notecard and including a photo with it. 

This card was for my sweet friends who just had a baby. I love the design by Jane Reaction for this custom card.

This is Jane's card for herself. I LOVE the simplicity of the design and the impact of the blind emboss printing on extra thick paper. I wish I could print every project like this! She sent out her cards with a beautiful family photo and tissue confetti in the much fun to get in the mail!

I hope you all had a very merry holiday and that as we look forward to the new year we count our many blessings.

Happy New Year,