Custom Stationery: Kinfolk Magazine

I think I picked this career at the right time. I am always amazed...excited...stoked when I get new custom orders for personalized stationery. I appreciate so much that people still want to express themselves in writing (on paper!). 

One of my clients, Kinfolk Magazine, embodies this movement back towards more personalized correspondance. Their brand is all about the value of connecting with people. I printed a set of flat notecards and subscription cards for them recently. If you have seen their magazine or visited their website you will get a sense of simplicity and beauty in that simplicity. These cards represent that. 

For this project we used an extra thick bamboo paper. I hadn't used bamboo paper until now, so it was fun to see the differences in printing on it. It is a super meaty paper. It is sturdy and substatial. If you receive a notecard on this paper you will know that whoever sent it to you has an appreciation of the texture and feel of the card. It makes you stop and feel it, and look at it a little closer. 

The printing was straight to the point. No ink on the notecard, and black ink on the subscription card. The paper is a slightly off white color which makes it feel very rich. 

The magazine is a great one to keep on your coffee table. The images are so beautiful you will want to keep flipping back through. A subscription would make the perfect gift!

I really love when they incorporate a quote on their printed pieces. This one reads "It isn't so much on the table that matters, as what's in the chairs." Cheers to that. 




I love good branding. I respond to well thought out brands, that's the goal right? I've had a few brand versions since I started my business three years ago. The last go around my designer gave me some different elements that I could use for different purposes, all that stay with my nautical vibe. I really like being able to play around with my own marketing products, mixing it up keeps it fun. But it's really important to keep everything recognizable as the Type A Press brand.

I never have enough business cards, so I decided to play with one of the elements I hadn't used yet. I like this little flag, and I mixed it up by doing it on a square piece of extra thick cotton paper. Now I just have to print my name.

How do you feel about your brand? If you would love a letterpress business card I can also help you with new branding or a refresh of your current logo. I work with amazing designers that know letterpress printing, together we can help you jump start a new look. And who doesn't need that from time to time?


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Envelope Line

Sooooo, I've been a little distracted lately. I recently got an order from a sweet client in Connecticut asking me to make her daughter some custom notecards. She wanted to add liners into her envelopes for a fun extra element. It was a lot of fun coming up with the color combo and patterns with her. During this process I got thinking about what other things could be used an liners. I had seen somewhere (Pinterest?) some liners made from book pages. So I went to my local used bookstore to see what treasures I could find. Now, you should now that I am a huge book lover. So the idea of "destroying" a book almost made me nauseous. But the sweet woman at the bookstore made me feel better about being an "artist" and said she wouldn't tell on me. 

The magnolia liner above and the group below were lovingly removed from a book on trees. I liked to think they are having a second life. I promise to mail something special in these envelopes so that they will make at least one more person happy. 

Once I finished this set I started to look around the shop, with scissors in hand, to see what else I could convert to a liner. I have a collection on pretty wrapping papers (doesn't every stationer?), so those were converted. And then the idea came to me to make copies of some of our old press shop and newspaper buildling photos and turn those to liners. The result is below. I love the old photos that were taken in a building right down the street from where my shop is now. I think they turned out pretty cool. I think it would be so great to do this with family photos. We could make a truly one of a kind notecard set. 


I hope that my distraction has given some inspiration to others. Maybe for Mother's Day I will give my mom a set of photo liners from our family. Why not?

Have a great week!


BTW - I think I took photos for this post at least 5 times, it is tricky getting the light to be your friend. I apologize for the bugs this little Type A girl.


Kinfolk Workshop Series - Pantry Guide

This year Kinfolk Magazine is hosting a series of workshops. They describe them as "The Kinfolk community gatherings are an invitation to engagement: engaging with new skills, new relationships, and a refreshed understanding of the physical world around us. We'll focus on cooking, gardening, the culture of the table, and other hands-on practices we find life-enriching." Doesn't that sound great?

Last year I helped them with menus for their dinner series. This year they reached out to me to help with the workshops. The first event was a baking workshop and the pantry guide I printed is such a great addition to any kitchen.

Folks gathered in different cities around the world on the same day to share baking tips and enjoy each others company. I received a very sweet email from the team in Madrid, Spain thanking me for sending the pieces. I can't take the credit, it was the Kinfolk team's idea, but it was so nice to see my work enjoyed by others. Here are a few of the photos taking in the different cities.

From the Portland, Oregon workshop.

Photos from the Madrid, Spain event sent to me by Ana & Elena Martínez.

Photo from the Fukuoka, Japan baking workshop.

April's workshop is on flower arranging. I'm excited for the September workshop teaching canning and preserving, I will have to get a ticket for that one!

I love fresh ideas, and these workshops hold a ton of inspiration for me. I'm thankful to be a part of these events in this little way. 



Jack Ruby Presents

A few weeks ago I had a band play in our new expanded space. Jack Ruby Presents is a great band that I have followed for a while. Their live performances are great and I love listening to them in the shop. Jesse, lead singer, reached out on Facebook a few months ago to see if anyone in the area was intersted in having a them play a low key house party. I reached out seeing if they would be interested in playing a letterpress shop...I mean, why not?

When we really stated to talk about it, we liked the idea of incorporating what I do into the event. I loved the idea of creating a letterpress concert poster to help promote the event. There is such a rich history of concert promotion being done letterpress and being pasted all over town. I worked with local lettering artist Mitch Horning to create the illustration for the poster. His art works so well with the vibe of the band and letterpress printing.

This show was also a great chance to show people our new space. I have been working the last few months on cleaning out the warehouse space next to my shop. I need more room for production and I am also now sharing the space with a local artist (more about that guy later ;). The show gave me another push to get the space ready for the public. I got such great feedback the night of the show, I can't wait to tell you more about it (later on that too!). 

I am so thankful to be working on projects like this. I love music and I was so excited to have our first show. I look forward to many more events, music, art and more! Stay tuned...exciting things are happening!


PS - A big thanks to Jesse and the entire Jack Ruby Presents band, they are great and their fans were great. Check them out here.