There's something interesting happening. I don't know how to quite explain how the internet and social media has had an inpact on my business. Not just having a website, or posting family photos on Facebook, but the interaction that can be created with an ongoing dialogue online. In the last year I have met a number of people "from the internet". And some of those introductions have turned into amazing frienships and business relationships. Even as I type this it sounds like I spend my time behind an avatar in one of those real life game things. What are those even called? Or that I spend my nights prowling online dating sites trying to make friends. It couldn't be farther from that. But I still can't explain it. 

A few months ago, I reached out to the fellow behind blog. I didn't know him, or if it was even a him or a group of people. I just wanted to say, hey, I like your style and if there is ever anything to collaborate If And that simple effort turned into meeting a great young man with a strong vision and business sense. Something I can relate to (the latter two). A few conversations later and we exchanged some projects. The first, are these business cards I printed for his shop. Letterpress fits beautifully with his aestethic, which always makes my job more fulfilling. The second project will be launched'll love it. 

Have a great week,


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Pale Road

I'm excited for my friends Jack Ruby Presents! They are releasing their new album Pale Road this month and I can't wait to see them perform the new songs. They are a great band that met at my alma mater Linfield College in McMinnville and I love going to see them play. A few months ago we had them perform in the shop and it was such a fun night...their fans are crazy (In a good groupie sort of way)! 

I wanted to share this video with you all. I think they're a band worth knowing. Hope you like it. 


PS - My other friend Paul Searle with Maxine Denver Photo + Video directed the video...


Summer Thoughts

I can't believe summer is almost over. I have mixed feelings about this. Normally, I am counting the weeks until Fall, starting in the Spring. Summer isn't my favorite. I don't like heat and the sun and I have a love/hate relationship. But the freedom of a flexible schedule is soon to be replaced with making lunches and two kids in elementary school. 

This summer has been a little different. I have shifted my priorities from working as much as possible to enjoying time in the garden, time with the kids, and canning. The first couple of years after I started Type A Press, I would skip weekend camping trips to stay back at the shop to keep working. Last year I decided that I didn't want to miss any more memories with my kids and have made an effort to get out of the shop more. My kids love being outside and getting dirty, that comes from my husband's side. They are so lucky to have grandparents on both sides who keep them engaged and busy. They split their busy summer between my family beach house and my husband's family farm. I have loved spending more time "playing" this summer with them. As we get ready for school to start next week and getting ready for one more camping adventure (a trip I have skipped in the past), I find myself wishing for a few more weeks of summer. I want more time walking on the beach. I want more time searching for sand dollars. I want more campfires and more berries for jam. 

This year has been tough and trying at times. Owning a small business is the best and most fulfilling form of working I can do, but can be hard and unpredictable. I have to keep believing that I can do it. That if I work hard enough and believe in my product I can reach my goals. My personal mantra is "keep going". If I keep going, hopefully I can balance the stress of small business and the importance of enjoying every minute of my kids childhood. I am trying to remember to keep breathing, stay positive, let go, and appreciate what I have. And just keep going. 

How do you balance your work/life balance? How do you set your priorities? How do you deal with stress? So many ways, and I'm still learning this balance everyday. 

I've worked on some great projects this summer, I promise to share them soon. In the meantime, let's get creative and do something new.  

Happy Summer,



A Quick Shop Tour

I love my shop. I love that I feel at home here. It's my happy place. It's where I can be Chelsey, not mom, not wife, not daughter, just me...doing my thing. 

That's me (Hi!) at my 1923 Chandler and Price platen press. She's my baby. We've had her in our family since the 1940's when my grandfather bought another newspaper. I have pictures that have this press in it from the time, which I love. She's the first press we refurbished and the one that I started this business with. 

I was so excited in the beginning to order my first supplies. I love all the little pieces it takes to do letterpress printing. We have had hoards of wood type in our collection for decades and it was so rewarding to practice printing with them. 

I have a couple of sets of wood furniture and a collection of ink that stand in front of one of my favorite features in the navy blue brick wall. 

Well, that's a quick tour of little parts of the shop. I'll share more soon, only for the fact that I LOVE to see other peopel's shop spaces, and hope that other people will like these. 

Now..back to work!




Home from Josh Brine on Vimeo.

I was sent this video recently and it really struck me. I don't normally share things like this, but this piece seemed to make sense. I've been doing a lot of reflection lately on what I do, and where I find my inspiration. It's not an easy task with so many blogs and Pinterest drawing my attention. I think my angst ridden teenage self had an easier go at it. This video by Josh Brine is so simple, and you really get a sense of what's important to him. I can use more inspiration right now, and was grateful to see the home I love protrayed this way. 

I hope you like it, I bet Josh does too.

Have a great week,