Ruthie Lindsey Collaboration
April 25, 2014
Chelsey Nichol in Friends, Letterpress, Products, letterpress

I so excited to be able to share my newest collaboration project. I met Ruthie Lindsey last year on a brief visit to Portland while she was hanging with our mutual friend Christian from I was delivering Christian's business cards while he was hanging with Ruthie and Lindsey from Makersworkshop. These southern girls stole my heart and we soon made plans to work together on some projects. 

Ruthie has such an amazing story of brokenness and recovery. At first I found her unwaivering joy in the simple beauties in life unnusual, but her laugh stuck with me. I wanted her joy to rub off on me. 

We came up with an idea to create a set of postcards inspired but the things she says to her friends to let them know they are loved. I couldn't think of a better thing to send in the mail. So Ruthie asked Christian to come up with designs for her sayings and I printed the postcards. I love how this projects has come full circle and that we are now ready to offer them for sale. 

While I work hard on getting my shop up with a bunch of new product, if you would like to stock these sets in your store, or would just like a few to send to the people you love, send me an email at and I will send you pricing. 

We would love for you to help us mail some joy!




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